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The 14th International Logistics Festival held in Chengdu

The 14th China International Logistics Festival and the 17th China International Transport and Logistics Expo, 2017 Asian Logistics Biennale (hereinafter referred to as "Logistics Festival"), hosted by the China Transportation Association, were held on June 28-30 Chengdu kicked off.

Reporters learned that the activities by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Transport, General Administration of Customs and other national ministries and more than 20 national industry associations to support the China Transportation Association, has in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuhan, Kunming, Haikou, Lianyungang and other places successfully held.

Particularly worth mentioning is that in the 2017 Logistics Global Forum Leaders Summit, many business leaders and experts from the industry, scholars hot "innovative logistics industry to drive the new economy," the theme. From the perspective of the city, business, hub economy, platform and other aspects of this topic, the outline of the collar, not only reviewed the current development of the logistics industry opportunities, but also pointed out that the pain point, at the same time, from their own point of view of the current China's logistics industry Development transformation and upgrading of what path.

Concerned about the linkage of manufacturing logistics to showcase the logistics industry chain new results

The 17th China International Transport and Logistics Expo, one of the core activities of the current logistics festival, has become one of the largest and most professional logistics exhibitions in Asia. The exhibition area of about 35,000 square meters exhibition, bringing together more than 400 domestic and foreign logistics leader, attracting about 12,000 professional visitors at home and abroad.

According to reports, the Expo focused on the domestic manufacturing sector, manufacturing and logistics industry for the coordinated development of the two industries to make the greatest efforts. The exhibition site is divided into three major exhibition halls of brand enterprises and international business hall, southwest logistics theme museum and industrial chain service area. It attracts logistics service, park and real estate, road freight, rail freight, air freight, port, logistics Equipment and special vehicles, fresh distribution, cold chain, logistics information, urban distribution and logistics and other industries upstream and downstream sectors of the enterprise exhibitors.

Promote the "Internet +" logistics services industry transformation of new energy flow

June 21, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Service Industry Innovation and Development Outline (2017 - 2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), aimed at building a new brand in China, building a service industry for China's service industry development Guidance. "Notice" stressed that the focus on the construction of transport infrastructure and distribution infrastructure to promote the transformation of circulation services and the development of "Internet +" logistics and so on. Among them, in promoting the development of circulation services in order to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of circulation as the goal, and actively promote the transformation of circulation services innovation, optimize the layout of urban and rural networks to enhance the level of circulation services and enhance the basic support capacity.

Therefore, the current logistics festival in the content set up to further strengthen the relevant content of the discussion. Such as focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, the second "one way all the way" international logistics exchange and city cooperation conference; for the construction of logistics talents of the second session of the Chinese logistics school and enterprise collaborative innovation conference "with all the way" talent construction summit; And the park's construction of the Eighth China Logistics Investment and Financing Conference and the Sixth China Logistics Park (gathering area) Development Forum. These issues cover the key aspects of the development of the logistics industry, and further play the role of logistics docking platform.