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Foreign trade stabilized for the better cost saving multi mode transportation

April 21, the national foreign trade teleconference held in Beijing, Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the meeting and speech
Wang Yang stressed that the stability and stability is a stable growth and structural adjustment of the unity, to stabilize the growth in the structure, focusing on promoting the supply side by side to reform the development of foreign trade development of new kinetic energy. Comprehensive use of finance, land, finance and other policies to support the processing trade to the central and western regions gradient transfer. Support enterprises to cultivate brand and marketing network, to encourage cross-border e-commerce and other new formats of development, and promote foreign trade quality and efficiency. Vigorously optimize the foreign trade development environment, accelerate the national customs clearance and international trade "single window" construction. Pay more attention to play a two-way investment to promote the role of trade, increase investment efforts to promote equipment manufacturing and international production capacity to go out.

Wang Yang stressed that the realization of foreign trade to stabilize the key to rely on the joint efforts from top to bottom. To strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen the work of responsibility, improve the working mechanism, a level of implementation, a level of responsibility. To strengthen the investigation and study, to work creatively, the formation of a better than catch up with the good atmosphere. Do a good job supervision and inspection, it is necessary to implement the supervision of the "last mile", but also the introduction of the policy of "the first one mile", so that the policy as soon as possible landing effective.

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